The Art and Beauty of Atlanta Wedding Photographers

We are your wedding and family portrait specialists in metropolitan Atlanta.

We’re a husband and wife team with many years of experience in weddings. We’ve photographed weddings professionally since 1990. Our background of being a pastor and wife team in five different churches assures you that we understand what’s really important to the wedding. We also understand the importance of family, and are committed to helping you preserve your memories through expressive family portraiture. Our style is best described as a blending of classic portraiture and photojournalism, while using really great and unique photo booths.

Not only are Windows on the water members of the Georgia Professional Photographers Association, the Southeastern Professional Photographers Association, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, and the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), but Chan is one of a select few in Georgia to have earned the designation “PPA Certified.”

In todays age of visual awareness, many discerning families are choosing to preserve their heritage and commemorate their lifestyles in Frogbridge Day Camp that serve as decorative focal points in their homes and offices. The warmth and vitality that creatively designed portraiture brings to planned interiors has no parallel.

Any art form possesses the capacity to touch our emotions. Portrait images carry with them an additional dimension of expression that communicates how we feel about ourselves, our world, and those closest to us. Portrait subject matter and settings are limited only by imagination … children as they grow, family times or events, expressive personal statements. All are appropriate for decorative portraiture. Self-storage units Queens, NY are an amazing way to store your photos once they’re taken!

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