Nostalgic Designs

From its roots in San Francisco, California, we started the firm, Nostalgic Designs with his thirteen years of experience with DIY string art. A staff has been assembled to include master carvers, skilled wood workers and professional artists. The plant has been outfitted with state-of-the-art woodworking and finishing equipment gathered from both European and Domestic markets. Monitored storage facilities ensure quality maintenance with constant temperature and moisture standards for the materials.
Nostalgic Designs originally focused on the manufacture of both original and reproduction carousel animals. Its lines have since expanded to include home decorative accessories and collectables. Nostalgic Designs’ fine craftsmanship can be seen in American theme parks such as Disney, as far away as Japan and in many fine homes around the world. The Jeweled Jumper pictured above is working for Disney while this beautiful Cherub Chariot resides in a theme park in Japan.
Maximum effort on line expansion and product development has resulted in a selection of wooden accessories that defies comparison. From Carousel Horses and Tigers from a bygone era, to Birds, Dogs and Sea Life, Nostalgic Designs stands alone as a manufacturer of this category of merchandise.


Protection Against Spam

6. Evolving Spam defenses
Spammers get smarter every day. It is vital to select a provider that dedicates resources to tackling Spam and staying one step ahead of the bad guys. Left alone, Spam filters quickly become outdated, unreliable and more susceptible to filtering good emails while letting the bad ones slip by. Constant vigilance is required for successful Spam fighting, which is not often handled by orlando digital marketing companies.

7. Spam filtering safe list and settings
While every company looks to promote the accuracy of their Spam filter, we recommend selecting a company that provides a level of control over their filtering settings. We recommend looking for Spam delivery settings as well as safe listing capabilities. This will allow email administrators and users to dictate what to do with filtered messages, when to erase them and most importantly, if a good email is caught, the involved email address can be added to a safe list to prevent further false positive filtering.

8. Spam blacklist prevention
Public blacklists are used by thousands of ISPs as part of anti-Spam defenses. If a company’s mail servers were to become blacklisted for sending Spam, it would result in mail delivery problems and immeasurable costs in lost business. We recommend selecting an email provider that has automated processes in place to prevent Spam from being sent from their system, as well as clearly defined procedures to deal with a blacklisted server should it occur.

9. Immediate virus updates from multiple vendors
With the proliferation of viruses and the potential damage they can cause, it is critical to block new viruses as soon as they are spotted on the Internet. Anti-virus companies react to virus threats as quickly as they can, but sometimes certain companies are able to block viruses quicker than others. For this reason, we recommend selecting an email provider that receives immediate virus updates from at least two reputable anti-virus companies.

10. Feature-rich Webmail
Many email users enjoy Webmail for two reasons: (1) Webmail allows them to access their mail from any Internet-connected computer; and, (2) Webmail eliminates the need for the user to configure email software clients like Microsoft Outlook. We recommend selecting a provider with a fast, clean, ad-free and feature-rich Webmail interface. You also should check for Webmail branding capabilities if you would like to customize the interface with your logo and color choices to make it look like your own.

11. Service level agreement
We highly recommend selecting an email hosting provider with a service level agreement that guarantees 99.99% uptime and provides financial retribution if that level is not achieved.

12. Ease of administration
Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, ease of administration is critical when selecting an outsourced email host. Make sure that you are provided with the necessary tools to


Urban Rebounding

Urban Rebounding is a 45-60 minute aerobic workout performed on the Urban Rebounder, utilizing standard aerobic moves, sport-specific conditioning training, core stabilization techniques, and abdominal work performed to high energy music.
The workout not only challenges you cardiovascularly, but manages to continually challenge balance, coordination and proprioception while reducing the stress on the body up to 87%. Rebound exercise  is a stations training and was found to be 68% more effective than jogging based on decreased incidence of injury and increased energy expenditure.

Studies done by NASA and the Cooper Aerobic Institute shows that the participant goes from weightlessness at the top of the “bounce” cycle followed by being exposed to several “G’s” (gravity forces) during the rebound phase, significant health benefits take place. During the short interval of added “G” force, the muscles and skeleton exert as if they were carrying a heavy weight. Without producing much strain, it is long enough for muscle and bone building. A more important effect of “G” forces comes into play on the cellular level. While benefits are being studied initial evidence shows benefits to the immune system, improved lymphatic drainage, improved vascular circulation and improved removal of waste, lactic acid and toxins from the body.

* Firm your legs, thighs, abs and hips
* Increase your agility
* Improve your balance
* Strengthen your muscles and bones
* Provide an aerobic effect on your

* Tends to reduce the height to which the arterial pressure rises
during exertion
*Lessens the time during which blood pressure remains abnormal
after severe activity
*Aids in lymphatic circulation and venous return
*Tones the glandular system, especially the thyroid to increase